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* Precise dimension tolerance
   Tolerance of outer diameter: ±0.02 mm
* Chamfered ends
* Products: rod, square bar, hexagonal bar
* Good machinability
* Meet the ROHS requirements

Comparision of machined chips
6061-T6 6262-T9 2011-T8


Alloy Application Temper Capability
2011 Volume shaft, Brake piston, Optical products, Automotive products, Connectors T3, T8 φ5~φ35
2024 Aerospace, Hydraulic machine parts, Military, Rivet T3 T351, T4, T6, T851 φ10~φ65
6061 Military, Vessel, Automotive, Machinery T6, T651 φ10~φ65
6082 Military, Vessel, Automotive, Machinery T6, T651 φ10~φ65
6262 Camera parts, Vaporizer, Brake parts, Gas burner parts T6,T9 φ5~φ35
7075 Aerospace, Military, Machinery, Sports & leisure T6. T651 φ10~φ65
* * Standard cutting length: 2500 mm