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* Standard profiles
* Special profiles
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Standard profiles

type No. NSP-1530 NSP-1560 NSP-1590 NSP-2020 NSP-3030
Dim. 15x30(0.643 kg/m) 15x60(1.272 kg/m) 15x90(1.981 kg/m) 20x20(0.379 kg/m) 30x30(1.045 kg/m)

type No. NSP-3060 NSP-3090 NSP-4040 NSP-4040-2 NSP-4040-3
Dim. 30x60(1.661 kg/m) 30x90(2.320 kg/m) 40x40(1.824 kg/m) 40x40(1.897 kg/m) 40x40(1.896 kg/m)

type No. NSPK-4040 NSP-4080 NSPK-4080 NSP-40120 NSP-6060
Dim. 40x40(1.594 kg/m) 40x80(3.030 kg/m) 40x80(2.578 kg/m) 40x120(4.240 kg/m) 60x60(2.500 kg/m)

type No. NSP-6090 NSP-8080 NSPK-8080 NSP-SI8080 NSP-R3030
Dim. 60x90(3.177 kg/m) 80x80(4.841 kg/m) 80x80(3.907 kg/m) 80x80(4.977 kg/m) 30x30(0.858 kg/m)

type No. NSP-C8080 NSD100100 NSD100100A    
Dim. 80x80(4.140 kg/m) 100x100(1.695 kg/m) 104.5x12(0.780 kg/m)    
**Alloy and temper: 6N01-T5 with white anodized color

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Application of profiles

Heat sink and others
* Minimum thickness: 0.5mm ~
* Surface treatment: Anodizing, Painting…
* Alloys: 6061, 6063, 6N01, 6005…